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Q&A: Death & Continuing Benefits Brochure Q&A: Death & Continuing Benefits

When one of your employees passes away, certain benefits may be payable to a surviving spouse, domestic partner, or named beneficiary. This section outlines LACERA’s procedure for determining applicable benefits and ensuring that eligible beneficiaries receive all the benefits to which they are entitled.


LACERA understands that a survivor or beneficiary’s loss is a difficult and emotional period. We are here to help you assist them with LACERA–related matters.

Should a survivor or beneficiary come to you for guidance in the death benefit process, the steps outlined in “Initiating the Death Benefit Process” will assist you in advising them.


Step 1: Notify LACERA of employee's death

  • Survivor or beneficiary calls LACERA at 800-786-6464 to report the employee's death as soon as possible. The survivor or beneficiary will be required to submit the original death certificate, which LACERA will image and return to the survivor.

Step 2: LACERA researches the case

  • Upon notification of the employee's death, LACERA will research the case to determine any applicable benefits and beneficiaries.

Step 3: Survivor or beneficiary submits claim                  forms and other required documents

  • Within 10 working days after receiving notification of the death, LACERA will send claim forms and requests for required documents to the survivor or beneficiary.

Step 4: Survivor's or beneficiary's receipt of
                  benefit payment

  • Death benefit payments to eligible survivors generally begin one payroll cycle after LACERA has been notified of the employee's death.
  • Death benefit payments to named beneficiaries generally begin 30 days from the date LACERA has received all required documents.

To order copies of the Death & Continuing Benefits Q&A brochure and Information Card, which explain the benefits process to employees and their survivors and beneficiaries, use the Procurement Order Form.