New eHR flyer.
Review cautionary retirement tips related to the new eHR program of two payroll periods a month. (4-16-10)


eHR is a new payroll system based on semimonthly payroll periods, which Los Angeles County plans implemented in March 2010.

The new eHR system is far-reaching in its effect on LACERA. We have an eHR Team which meets regularly to consider the areas eHR affects LACERA’s procedures, Board of Retirement Bylaws, technology which calculates benefits, communications, etc.

Adventures of Progressa

We created a newsletter comic to communicate and educate LACERA staff on eHR. Our first edition announces eHR, provides a definition, talks about L.A. County training, offers an email address for staff to use for their input, and basically rallies the troops to help us figure out all the many details. Check it out: The Adventures of Progressa. (11-30-09)

Also under development, an insert to caution members with key events:

  • Vesting (Plan E) = 10 years of service credit (Not 9 years and 11 1/2 months of service credit)
  • Retiree Health Care fully subsidized* = 25 years of service credit (Not 24 years and 11 1/2 months of service credit)

*Per benchmark

LACERA Defines Payroll Period

Earning Service Credit Under eHR

When eHR goes into effect, service credit will be earned by payroll period, rather than full months. Contributory members (Plan A, B, C, or D) will earn service credit for each payroll period in which they make a retirement contribution. Plan E members will earn service credit for each payroll period during which they have earnings.

eHR: Two Payroll Periods Per Month

  • 1st payroll period - First day of each month till the 15th of the month
  • 2nd payroll period - 16th of the month till the last day of the month