Throughout the year and during our conferences, we are asked a lot of questions about Disability Retirement. The subject of disability is complex, so to help address your concerns we came up with the top ten disability questions.

  1. What are the disability rules around Plan E to D transfers?
  2. What if the employee is willing to take a voluntary demotion?
  3. Is it a different process if the employee is asking for a permanently accommodated position?
  4. How long does it take to process a claim?
  5. What do all the different terms mean?
  6. What is your role in the process?
  7. What steps are involved in investigating a claim?
  8. What obstacles does LACERA face when processing a claim?
  9. What can’t you ask?
  10. What can you ask?

Bonus Information: How many disability applications are processed in a year? (12-8-10)

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