Disability — How it Impacts the Employee

This section was designed with you, the HR professional, in mind. Information presented here will assist you in interacting with employees who have filed for Disability Retirement as well as those for whom you have filed an application.

Top Ten

Want to know the areas that most concern HR professionals regarding disability? The Top Ten page lists the ten most-asked questions and provides answers.

The Big Picture

The disability application process is complex, involving many steps before a case can be presented to the Board of Retirement. The Big Picture page breaks the process down into basic steps:

  • Filing the application
  • Interviews
  • Investigations
  • Medical exams
  • Case preparations

SCD Return to Service

There are many steps involved in an employee's return to work after a Service-Connected Disability (SCD). The SCD Return to Service page explores:

  • Employer's offer to rehire
  • Reinstatement procedure
  • Impact on contribution rate
  • What LACERA does for the returning member


LACERA's Disability Retirement representatives visit HR departments all over the County, giving various presentations. Our Presentations page displays the following disability PowerPoint presentations:

  • Disability overview
  • Reasonable accommodation and supplemental allowance
  • Plan E to D transfer

Disability Retirement Application Questions

For any questions related to the filing of a disability retirement application please contact the:

  • Disability Retirement Division at 626-564-2419
  • Tamara Caldwell, Disability Retirement Specialist, Supervisor
  • Ricki Contreras, Division Manager